Choo choo.... Choo choo.... It's a Blog Train!!!

Here we are everybody... the day everybody in the digital scrapbooking world has been waiting for... it's Digital Scrapbooking Day! And to celebrate, we've setup a blog train with the fabulous designers and CT-ers at Nuts4Digi.

My contribution is 2 QPs made with the fabulous Spring Clean kit. You can get the Spring Clean kit completely for free by following the Nuts4Digi blog train -

Here are my 2 QPs -

QP Preview-600px

Download Here

To get the next part of the train, you need to go and visit Graphics Illusions.

Hope you enjoy all the goodies you pick up doing the Nuts4Digi Blog Train!

Featured on the TADA girls blog!

I am totally stoked at being featured on the Tracy Ann Digital Art girls blog with my "You Bring My Heart Joy" LO today... I have been a fan of Tracy Ann's for a looong time and she is really quite a wonderful designer in considering her customers... at the moment she has reduced her prices by 30% because the Australian dollar is so weak against the US dollar and she wants her customers to still be able to access her designs.

Check out the TADA girls blog to see my LO!

Btw - sorry for the lack of LOs lately... I've only done a couple of late... I've been rather distracted by the Evolve photography workshop I'm doing with Sheye Rosemeyer which is running for 6 weeks... one and a half weeks is down, only four and half weeks to go... I'm having a ball and learning so much... so scrapping has kind of been put on the back burner for for the moment while I soak in all this amazing photography knowledge, so that I can take brilliant photos (well, I can only hope!) and then scrap them! :)

Btw - be sure you drop by my blog on Saturday November 1st... it's Digital Scrapbooking Day and there might be something nice here on my blog for you all... :)

I'm Layout of the Week!

Wowsers... I've been honoured with a "Layout of the Week" award over at Nuts4Digi for my "A Golden Moment" LO... This has totally made my day - I'm feeling very special.. :)

Check me out here.
Well, I have a backlog of LOs to share... so I better start posting them

First of the rank - possibly one of my favourite layered LOs to date using Cuppycake's Fanciful kit.

Why Are You Always Taking Photos of Me

Credits -
Fanciful - Cuppycake Digital Designs @ Scrap Orchard
Font – Poor Richard

Cuppycake also has a fantastic new kit out called Jenna's Garden and here's my LO using this bright and adorable kit.


Credits -
Jenna's Garden
Font - VTPortableRemington

At Nuts4Digi, I got to work with Fiona Renwick Designs this month - here's what I did with her Dianne kit.

My Girl

Credits -
Dianne - Fiona Renwick Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font – My Own Topher

A Golden Moment

Journalling Reads –
Basking in the afternoon glow you sat in the grass, deep in thought.
This was a golden moment.

Credits -
Dianne - Fiona Renwick Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - High Tower Text, Typical Writer, Teletype, Adobe Caslon Pro

And last but not least - here are a whole heap of LOs I did waaaaay back in August for Donna... I didn't want to post until N4D came back online... these LOs are all using Donna's fun Cuteness kit!


Journalling Reads -
We spent a silly afternoon playing and giggling on the bed.You thought trying to touch the big lens on Mummy’s camera was a hilarious game!

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - You All Everybody, Pea Walker

An Artist At Work

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Curled Border Template & Action Set - Marcie Reckinger & Traci Murphy
Font - Pea Lacy, Pea Sue's Print

Cute Is My Middle Name

Journalling Reads -
Kicking your feet and watching them is an amusing pasttime...

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font – Pea Walker

Release Your Creativity

Journalling Reads –
Look at that serious face of concentration…

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - 28 Days Later, Estrya's Handwriting

And this LO, is just one I did for me -


Credits -
Word Art - Sugarplum Paperie - Word Art Frames
Beauty Within - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Details 3 - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Stamp Frame with Overlay - Everyday Princess - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi

First LO with an extraction...

So I have seen some simply amazing LOs over at DST with extractions and I have been wanting to try and emulate some of these amazing designs myself... I've tried extractions a couple of times, but the results have always been really lame... I always have a lot of trouble extracting little B's hair, because it is so fine and sticks up everywhere! I think generally I'm too impatient for the whole extraction genre, because I like to scrap pretty quickly and finish a LO in a night or at most 2 nights... However, I decided to slow down for a moment and give it a proper go. Armed with the magic wand and some pain-staking handiwork using an eraser, I finally did an extraction that I was happy with came up with this LO. Although it's quite simple, it went through quite a lot of iterations to get to this point and I think this is possibly the longest I've ever spent on a LO. It's so completely different to any LO I've done and I finally got to use some of Jofia's stuff (I oogle her stuff a lot and I bought 3 things from her, but never know what to do with it because it's so different to my regular style). I am totally chuffed about this LO... I love how it turned out...

Buttery Toast Angel

Journalling Reads -
One summer morning, you found yourself the perfect
spot to enjoy some breakfast. You sat there so intently, licking the butter off your toast and enjoying yourself so very much.

And all I could think whilst you sat there was how you looked like a perfect angel as you sat there, bathed in that golden glow of morning light...

Credits -
Background Paper, Light Burst - Beautiful Day - Jofia Designs
Clouds - Diamond Rain - Jofia Designs
Wings - Once Upon A Time - Caroline B. @ Nuts4Digi
Sparkle - Breath of Fresh Air - Weeds & Wildflowers
Font - Freebooter Script, Snowshoe

More layouts...

Here's one of my latest LOs using one of my all time favourite photos of little B and Donna's uber cute Everyday Princess kit...


Credits –
Everyday Princess - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Mandy, Pea Sara

And here's 2 LOs I've created using Digi Illusion's gorgeous Butterflies are Free kit -

I Believe I Can Fly

Butterflies Are Free - Digi Illusions @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Mystie Caps, Pea Olson

Nature Lover

Butterflies Are Free - Digi Illusions @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Mandy, Pea Nancy

My goodness...

Has it already been almost a month since I last posted here? Wowsers! All I can say is it has been *really* hectic around here for the last few weeks... and it's almost about to return to a normal pace... hopefully in the next week or so!

I've been trying to catchup on things in digi-land when I've been taking breaks from unpacking... I'm not there yet, but I'm on the way... So much has happened in the span of a few short weeks...

First up, Donna has opened up her new store over at The Hybrid Shoppe. She's doing great things with her latest digi kits and is now also creating hybrid stuff, such as this ultra cute ATC album -

She also revamped her Adore kit and the first LO I've done in about a month is using this kit -

You Make Me Smile

Journalling Reads -
You just love playing with stickers... and you thought putting them all over my face was the best fun you’d had in ages... And as silly as it was, I just loved having you “decorate” me!

Credits -
Adore - Donna Duncombe Designs available at The Hybrid Shoppe & Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Lacy

Secondly (but not by any means any less exciting) Rachel of Cuppycake Digital Designs announced while I was away that she is now and exclusive designer for Scrap Orchard! Woo hoo! Congratulations Rach! This is such exciting, knock-your-socks-off great news! She's released a whole bunch of stuff at her new store, one of which is her new sparkling, gorgeous Fanciful kit -

And here's what I've whipped up tonight with it -


Journalling Reads -
My poor sick girl... you were so tired you fell asleep at 6pm while I was holding you.... I didn’t have the heart to wake you... you had been so sick and miserable all day, so I just let you have a little nap on the floor of the lounge room... You are beautiful .... even when you’re sick...

Credits -
Fanciful - Cuppycake Digital Designs @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Pea Mandy

Thirdly, Nuts4Digiis back up! After a month of problems due to a server migration gone a bit awry... Nuts4Digi is back in business... so pop over and check out the great Back to Business Competition going on!


Now hasn't that been one mega huge post from me! Off to lala land for me... but I'll be back soon to share more stuff!

Busy busy...

Well, this here could be my only layout for September! Heading into the home stretch of packing before we move house in exactly a week and then will be without internet for a couple of weeks and visiting family back home... and by the time I get back it'll be the end of September... so I highly doubt I'm going to get anything done scrap-wise after tonight!

Cheekiest Smile

Credits -
Background Paper - Mountain Rain - Trish Jones Designs
Photo Overlay - Worn Photo Overlay 2 - Something Blue Studios
Circles - Cherry Fudge - Trish Jones Designs
Date Circle - Date Stamps - Trish Jones Designs
Textures - Texture Strips - Trish Jones Designs

This LO is totally different to my usual style... a lot grungier than I'm used to, but I kinda like how it turned out.

Btw... I hear there's a going to be a new store opening up soon... you better keep your eyes and ears open for the grand opening... I would say keep an eye on my blog for details, but since I'm about to go missing for a bit, maybe you should just go pop on over to mousey's blog and keep an eye on her blog for the latest breaking news on the subject... :)

No longer procrastinating...

However, sometimes in the midst of the madness of packing and cleaning, you just need a little timeout... and this is what I did in one of my timeouts ... ;)


Journalling Reads -
You may have been scared of swings for the longest time, but you have no fear when it comes to walking along wobbly, suspension bridges... You confidently walk back and forth along these bridges (with a little help from Ong Noi) and really enjoy it.

Credits -
Nocturnal - Cuppycake Digital Designs
Alpha - A Little Bit Country - The Seedlings @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Pea Walker

I only have a couple more weeks, before we move house... I can't wait for that bit to be over... I may go AWOL a fair bit this month because of all the packing and also on waiting for my internet access at the new house to be connected (we're going "naked" and they have said it will be 2-4 weeks... I'm hoping it will be more on the 2 week side of things! I don't do well without internet!) I will definitely be trying to take lots of photos though this month, because it's my birthday next Tuesday and I get to finally use my brand new red jill-e camera bag.


Isn't it beaauuuuutiful?! It arrived at the beginning of August and I have been oogling it for the last month (I haven't been allowed to use it... LOL)... so can't wait to load it up and take it out and have a good photoshoot...

Yeah, yeah... I'm still procrastinating...

Go tell me to do some packing... :p

But I bought this kit from Cat Scrap last week and have had it beckoning me to do something with it... so how could I resist?

Hide and Seek

Journalling Reads -
This is how we play hide-n-seek.
You always hide in the same
place behind the curtain and
you always leave your
little feet peeking out
from behind it to give
me a clue where you are!
You laugh and giggle so much
when I find you - it’s the
best game in the world!

Credits -
Birds In A Tree - Madame Mim
Font - Hey Gorgeous, Pea Kathy

I'm procrastinating...

I am moving house in 3 weeks and I should be packing and doing stuff for the move... but little B has come down with a cold and I've been tired from being up during the night with her... so instead of doing something productive, I did this...

You Light Up My Life

Credits -
Tree, Flowers - Astrid - Catscrap Collaboration
Background Paper - Promise Collection - Shabby Princess
Font - Respess Capitals

Another LO

I'm making up for lost time... so here's another one from me...


(Ong Ba Noi means "grandparents" in Vietnamese)

Journalling Reads -
Where has all the food gone?
Oh yeah, that's right, I ate it!

Credits –
Shabby SpiceEllie Lash Designs & Cuppycake Digital Designs @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Minya Nouvelle, Pea Walker
Rachel of Cuppycake Digital Designs and Ellie Lash have just released their brand new collaboration Shabby Spice over at Scrap Orchard. Gorgeous colours and a fabulous mix of elements, this kit is a lot of fun to play with! They have a deal going on at the moment where you can get 2 "Perfect Pairs" kits for 40% off! And the coordinating brag book is 20% off this week!



And here's what I've created with it -

All Smiles


Well Nuts4Digi is still out of action at the moment due to the server migration... taking longer than expected, but these big migrations always seems to have hiccups.... so it's been a week and I'm suffering withdrawals! Lucky I still have the EB Scrap forum to hang out in...

Anyway, I'm churning out the LOs at the moment... but I'll be having a break over the weekend when my SIL and her partner drop by for a 5 day visit on the way back from their holiday in Hong Kong. I am so looking forward to seeing them and hanging out and showing them around Brisbane... I really miss having my SIL around.

So to show my latest LOs -

This first one is done with the latest Seedlings collaboration, if you're quick you can still get it on sale for 20% off...


Journalling Reads -
Even before you could walk, you were very good at pulling yourself up onto the furniture and climbing the couch.. As you can see, here I’ve caught you in the act of scaling the back of the couch like it’s some kind of rock-climbing wall and playing with the curtains behind it. You pretended that you were all innocent when I busted you doing this... You are such a monkey...

Credits -
A Little Bit Country - The Seedlings @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Pea Amy

And this second LO is done with one of Cuppycake Digital Designs kits - it's a full kit packed with elements, alphas and papers, but all for the bargain price of a mini kit of $2.50! This is such a serene kit... it's just beautiful.

Sweet Little Fairy

Journalling/Title reads -
Once upon a time there was a sweet little fairy and she made all my wishes come true...

Credits –
Fairy FreshCuppycake Digital Designs
Font - urania_cz
I feel like I've really struck a scrapping groove of late... Last month was very productive for me (I think I did something like 16 LOs which is almost as many as I have done in total over the previous 5 months!) It's really helped my creativity being part of the Nuts4Digi CT and being Donna's solo CT, and I've really enjoyed the CT side of things. Anyway, I was surprised when Rachel of Cuppycake Digital Designs (who is another one my EB digi-scrapping buddies) asked me to informally CT for her... So I'm delighted to announce that I'm now also creating for Cuppycake Digital Designs... Rachel is a new and upcoming-designer and is part of the Seedlings collaborative over at Scrap Orchard and she's doing great things!

So I here's a LO I've done with one the Seedlings kits, totally love, love, love this kit... so perfectly pink and girly and ideal for scrapping photos of my little one...

You Are The Reason

Journalling Reads -
You are the reason why life is full of a little more happiness, a little more laughter and a lot more love...

Credits -
Sweet Child O' Mine - The Seedlings @ Scrap Orchard

I'm still here!

It's been a week since I last blogged here, so thought I better show something... I haven't been working on a lot of LOs at the moment... been working on a secret squirrel project (which will be revealed in due time)...

Anyway, here's my latest LO, that took me 4 days to do... I just couldn't seem to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but I'm really happy with it now. It's one of my favourite photos of Beth... really just captures childhood happiness...

Silly Happy Joyous Carefree

Credits -
Summeroo, A Walk In The Park - Amy Sumrall Designs
Overlay - Nature Kit - Designs by Marguerite
Frame - Burgundy - Helene
Font - Pea Protani

Wow - Can it get any better???!!!

Seriously... ever since I received that Summeroo RAK from Amy Sumrall, my "Walk in the Park" LO has taken me to new places! This morning, I logged in to find out that I am Layout of the Week at GottaPixel! Now that is just waaaaay cool! I'm totally stoked and just can't believe it! I'm on the home page of GottaPixel! Can you tell I'm excited? :) :) :)

Blog Award!

Well, this weekend really has been a weekend of firsts! The lovely Charlie over at Charlie's Digiscraps has given me a blog award. Charlie is one of the digi-girls over on the EB Scrap Chat forum... she is always keeping our thread moving and giving such wonderful feedback on the LOs that are posted... She's also pretty new to the whole blogging thing, so please head on over and check out her blog and send her some love!


This award has rules:

1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.
4. Add links to the recipients.
5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award.

Pretty tough picking only 7 blogs, but here are the blogs that I am going to give this award to -

1. Sheye Rosemeyer - This has to be my all time favourite blog. An inspirational woman, who has experienced such heartache in her life with the loss of her beautiful daughter Ava... Sheye has moved me so much with her story... Every parent should read her story - I look at and appreciate life in a completely different light since discovering her blog last year. And as if she was not blessed enough with the gift of being able to write so amazingly, Sheye is also a *brilliant* child photographer... her photos capture such innocent moments and evoke such wonderful emotions... she's one of my idols of photography.

2. Donna Duncombe Designs - One of my first online digi-scrapping buddies, she's recently made a foray into designing and is designing some fantastic kits. She's a lovely person and can be a bit offbeat with her humour which I love. Love her to bits for her encouragement with my digiscrapping work!

3. Bao Comment - My SIL's blog... being away from Adelaide, I just enjoy catching up with what's going on in our hometown and in her life. She's just like a real sister to me... love her heaps. If you're into handbags, you have to check her blog out for some photos of some great bags!

4. Phoon's Flight - My SIL's partner's blog (could it get anymore complicated?!... :p) He's an all-round great guy and blogs about the charity work he does... He dresses up as a Star Wars sandtrooper (similar to the stormtrooper) and goes to functions to help and entertain disadvantaged and disabled kids... He also does fundraising... and walks for miles in his costume (which is not all that comfortable and can get pretty hot, but he's dedicated to the cause!) It's great reading about what he does and he has such a passion for it.

5. One Crafty Mumma - I love visiting this blog just for crafty inspiration... she does terrific creative stuff with her kids and she's a traditional paper scrapper... At the moment I'm just loving the felt food she's been making.. it's too cute! I wanna make some!

6. According to Our Family - Maria is an old friend of mine who only recently has made the foray into the blogging world. She tells such adorable anecdotes about her 2 little boys.

7. Bakerella - I have only recently discovered this blog, but man... everything looks *DIVINE* on this blog... just wonderful eye-candy and sooo droolworthy! I enjoy baking and I have a soft spot for cupcakes... so I hope one day to be able to make and decorate amazing cupcakes (Currently, I make average cupcakes and can't decorate to save myself!)... When I don't have a 20 month old who wants to eat all the cake batter, I'll think about actioning this plan...
Just a little toot here for me - my "Walk at the Park" LO (see previous post)made it onto the "Best of..." list at the Best of Digital Scrapbooking blog. First time anything like that has ever happened to me... but I guess I've had a lot of firsts lately, (first CT, first RAK...)... I'm really quite smiley today... :)

I've been RAK-ed!

I've been RAK-ed for the first time ever by the lovely Amy Sumrall! I got access to her new kit Summeroo before it was released at her new shop at Sunshine Studios. I have to say I was mightily chuffed to be RAK-ed by her, because I have actually been a fan of hers since the "So You Think You Can Design" competition at Scrap Orchard and only yesterday I was at her blog getting her part of the Mango Tango Mega Kit that is up for grabs at Sunshine Studios.

Anyway, I absolutely *adore* this kit... the colours are so pretty and I love the little doodly elements (I've always had a soft spot for hand doodled elements!) and I just couldn't wait to scrap with it because I had the perfect photos to go with that beautiful coral coloured paper. (It was a total fluke that both little B and I happened to be wearing matching coral coloured clothes the day these photos were taken!) So here's what I did tonight...

A Walk At The Park 2

Journalling Reads -
We went to the park one Saturday morning so that you could play at the playground and stretch your little legs. You had only been walking for about a month and were still a bit wobbly on your feet, so I still liked to hold your hand to help you keep your balance. But you were “little miss independent” that day and were quite adamant in not wanting to hold my hand. How it makes me smile on the inside seeing you assert your independence and watching you develop this little personality which is full of confidence in yourself. Never lose that faith in yourself and your abilities.
Love always,
Mummy xxx
1st March 2008

Thought Bubble Reads -
"No Mum, I will not hold your hand!"

Credits -
Kit - Summeroo - Amy Sumrall @ Sunshine Studios
Font - Christy, Pea Shelley Thin

Anyway - just wanted to shout a big *THANK YOU* to Amy for the lovely RAK... You really are wonderful!

I am soooo excited!

Not exactly scrapbook related, but I just had to share. I have just signed up for an online workshop being held by Sheye Rosemeyer... For those not familiar, you can check out her blog here - I have followed Sheye's blog for more than 6 months and she has inspired me through her beautiful photographs and her expressive words... I am sooo excited to have the opportunity to do this workshop... this is probably the closest I'm ever going to come to being able to do a photography course IRL as such and to be able to learn in a self-paced environment from someone that I consider to be one of my idols of child photography, just has me bursting with excitement. I know the workshops are a bit of $$$, but honestly I feel it will be money well spent... and also my DH has said it can be part of my 30th birthday present (in addition to my new fancy small red leather jill-e camera bag that is coming end of july )... (And my bday isn't 'til September!) Now, I just can't wait for October to get here! Bring it on!

Winter Down Under...

Well, it's winter down here in the southern hemisphere and Donna has just released the most beautiful winter kit called Winter Delights, which is not only perfect for winter themed photos, but is so incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways. This kit is just adorable... I just love how there is lots of pink (which just perfect for my little girl!)... I don't often think of pink when I think of winter, so I think this is a great deviation from the normal "winter-y" coloured themes of blue, white and silver!

Winter Delights - Donna Duncombe Designs

Here are a couple of LOs I've done with the kit -

Snug As A Bug

Credits -
Winter Delights - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Willing Race

Hiding in the Trees

Journalling Reads -
We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at New Farm Park when your Ong Ba Noi came to visit. You had so much fun - chasing balls, running around in the playground and hiding amongst the trees. You were full of energy and you wore us out as we tried to follow and keep up with you. We discovered just how old and unfit we were as we watched you bound around with your endless exuberance.

Credits -
Winter Delights - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Kate, Depressionist Three

My regular blog readers may also have noticed that I have given my blog a bit of a facelift... :) I've spent a couple of hours over the last couple of days tweaking a blog template to make it look the way I wanted it to and I'm now happy with how it has all turned out ... I also love my new blog header... I think it reflects the "girly girl" in me more than my old one...

Buzzing buzzing buzzing...

Well I've been a busy little bee the last few days... I've had sooo much fun creating these little quick pages using Donna's A Mother's Love. Here's a little preview -


These QPs are only available to Club Nut subscribers. It only costs $5.50 a month and not only do you get these QPs, but a heap of other goodies too. So run on over to Nuts4Digi and sign up!

Proudly Creating for Donna Duncombe Designs...

In addition to being on the Nuts4Digi CT, I am proud to announce that I am also an exclusive (and when I say exclusive, I mean I am the only one... LOL!) CT member for Donna Duncombe Designs! I am very excited to be working with Donna... :)

I've been wanting to announce this for a week (you may have noticed I started sporting a new blinkie in my sidebar there... ), but thought I would wait until I had something to show off before I did. So here we are - 2 LOs I've done using A Mother's Love available at Nuts4Digi. This is such a pretty and sweet kit... It has such a great range of solid and patterned papers and I love the colours in it and there are so many cool elements in it too...

Journalling Reads -
It wasn’t all that long ago that you were only crawling and here you are a couple of months later toddling around the park. You amaze me each day with how much you are growing up. I look forward to seeing what new and wonderous things tomorrow brings.
Love always, Mummy xxx

Credits -
A Mother's Love - Donna Duncombe Designs
Font - Pea Amy

Journalling Reads -
Motherhood is a time when days blur from one day to next. Where one moment you are cradling a tiny little infant and the next they are running around in the park...

Motherhood is a journey of sleepless nights and worrying, with doses of happiness and giggles thrown in along the way...

Motherhood is an all encompassing emotion where your entire being is filled with a love so pure it is beyond words...

Motherhood has changed my life... my world... my heart...

Credits -
A Mother's Love - Donna Duncombe Designs
Font - Impervious
Not that it's not fun when I'm scrapping, but I've been doing a quite a few CT related things lately, so last night I grabbed 10 mins and scrapped for the pure joy of it...

Credits -
Sweet Nothings - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Font - Last Words

I love this Sweet Nothings kit (I've had my eye on it for a while and it was on sale over the weekend)... It's just so pretty and girly and soft and sweet...

Oh I love this coat!

I'm on a roll today... I've been dying to scrap this photo... this coat is one my favourite items of clothing that I have bought for Beth... (half the fun of having a girl, is being able to dress them up and there are *sooo* many adorable outfits out there for kids these days)...

Journalling Reads –
The moment I saw this outfit, I fell in love with it. If there had been an adult-sized version, I would have bought it for myself. But then again, it probably wouldn’t have looked as cute on me as it does on you. I spent 2 days umm-ing and aah-ing about buying this... I didn’t know what size to get you so that it would fit you during the winter - I didn’t even know whether it got cold enough in Brisbane to warrant buying you a coat! And then, I didn’t know when you would even get the chance to wear it, as we didn’t have any special occasions to attend where you could show it off.

But in the end I bought it because it was too cute to resist... and even if we had nowhere fancy to go, I had visions in my head of taking you to the park and letting you frolic around and play in your adorable little outfit.

So one overcast winter’s day, with nothing much to do, we got dressed up and headed out to the park, to have some fun and look cute at the same time.

Credits -
Blossom - Kylie M Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Alisha, Incognitype

Hello July!

Well, here we are at the beginning of another month... and this month I get to work with the fabulous Kylie M Designs at Nuts4Digi.

I've gotten off to a flying start... downloaded Kylie's Blossom kit this morning and have completed my first layout already a couple of hours later... hehe... I'm actually trying to be organised, because I sense July is going to be a bit of a busy month... my in-laws are visiting next week, so not sure how much scrapping I'll get done in the next week or so... :)

Credits -
Blossom - Kylie M Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Jailbird Jenna, Kim Erwin Script

Last LO for the month... :)

I was madly trying to squeeze in this one last LO for the month for the June Sketch Challenge at N4D... I really wanted that part of the kit that was up for grabs for completing the challenge... :) I also found a great tutorial and learnt a new technique in creating a "hand cut" look... so I'm happy that I challenged myself in learning something new too... :)

This LO is based on the sketch found here -

Credits -
Heart - Bouquet of Hearts - Kill-r-Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Papers - Paper Girl - Paislee Press
Wordstrips - Breath of Fresh Air - Weeds & Wildflowers
Bird - I Love Bird - Carolina Pessoa
Font - The Quest
Alpha - Accidentally in Love - Britt-ish Designs

First LO without a person it!

All my LOs to date are always people focused. So today for the first time, I scrapped a non-person LO... This CT gig is really challenging me to step outside of what I normally scrap (which is a good thing!) ... I actually did this for the Photography Challenge @ Nuts4Digi at the moment... Mousey challenged us to take a photo and scrap a landscape photo. Ok, so technically, this is more a "skyscape" than a landscape, but as little B and I were walking to car from the park, the gorgeous afternoon light was just shining so beautifully on the leaves of this tree and making it glow that I couldn't help taking a photo. If I had got some land into the photo it would have also contained some unattractive cars and an ugly building LOL! Last LO from me using the Nature Kit from Designs by Marguerite... I really do love this kit though...

Credits -
Everything from Nature - Designs by Marguerite @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Kareen

A Spicy Surprise...

Nuts4Digi currently has this mega kit called "Spicy Surprise" out. It's full of lovely rich colours, lots of papers and elements and some fantastic templates. If you're in Australia and can get a copy of the latest Scrapbooking Memories (Vol 10 No 2), there is a little article in there about N4D and also a coupon to allow you to get this fabulous kit for *FREE*! It really is a fantastic deal...

Here's a preview -


And here's a LO I did with it (and also did for the Font Challenge at N4D this month) -

Credits -
Spicy Surprise Mega Kit available at Nuts4Digi
Font - Basic Font, FirstGrader

Back on the wagon...

I've been missing in action on the scrapping front for a few days... my sister and her husband came to visit us and stayed with us for 4 days... so I sacrificed scrapping time to spend time with them... (which also involved playing Mario Kart on the Wii... and I have discovered I am soooo bad at that game... it is still lots of fun, even when you play badly!)

I've been trying to catch up on stuff at N4D and trying do a bit of scrapping for the last two days ...

I don't normally scrap photos of me, but I had to do this LO for the N4D Newsletter and the About the Creative Team Gallery.

Journalling Reads -
I AM - adoring wife to Phan, stay at home mummy to Elizabeth, living in Brisbane Australia, passionate, optimistic, easy-going, a self-confessed geek (and proud of it!)
I LIKE - afternoon naps, haighs chocolate, balmy evenings, surprises
I LOVE - spending time together as a family, the internet, photography, digi-scrapping, cooking, playing and composing music

Credits -
Everything from May Challenge Prize Kits @ Nuts4Digi (Donna Rousch, Willro @ Co Designs, jasjul)
Photo Overlay Frame - Nature Kit - Designs by Marguerite @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Megan, Highland Perk, Footlight MT Light

I did this LO for the June Quote Challenge at N4D...

Journalling Reads -
Only as high as I reach can I grow
Only as far as I seek can I go
Only as deep as I look can I see
Only as much as I dream can I be.
~Karen Ravn

Credits -
Background Paper - Kit Colorido - Criando Kits
Flower Doodles - Tadoodles Funky - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Date Tags - State the Date 3 - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Staple - Promise Collection - Shabby Princess
Font - Pea Mimi

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