I'm still here!

It's been a week since I last blogged here, so thought I better show something... I haven't been working on a lot of LOs at the moment... been working on a secret squirrel project (which will be revealed in due time)...

Anyway, here's my latest LO, that took me 4 days to do... I just couldn't seem to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but I'm really happy with it now. It's one of my favourite photos of Beth... really just captures childhood happiness...

Silly Happy Joyous Carefree

Credits -
Summeroo, A Walk In The Park - Amy Sumrall Designs
Overlay - Nature Kit - Designs by Marguerite
Frame - Burgundy - Helene
Font - Pea Protani

Wow - Can it get any better???!!!

Seriously... ever since I received that Summeroo RAK from Amy Sumrall, my "Walk in the Park" LO has taken me to new places! This morning, I logged in to find out that I am Layout of the Week at GottaPixel! Now that is just waaaaay cool! I'm totally stoked and just can't believe it! I'm on the home page of GottaPixel! Can you tell I'm excited? :) :) :)

Blog Award!

Well, this weekend really has been a weekend of firsts! The lovely Charlie over at Charlie's Digiscraps has given me a blog award. Charlie is one of the digi-girls over on the EB Scrap Chat forum... she is always keeping our thread moving and giving such wonderful feedback on the LOs that are posted... She's also pretty new to the whole blogging thing, so please head on over and check out her blog and send her some love!


This award has rules:

1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.
4. Add links to the recipients.
5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award.

Pretty tough picking only 7 blogs, but here are the blogs that I am going to give this award to -

1. Sheye Rosemeyer - This has to be my all time favourite blog. An inspirational woman, who has experienced such heartache in her life with the loss of her beautiful daughter Ava... Sheye has moved me so much with her story... Every parent should read her story - I look at and appreciate life in a completely different light since discovering her blog last year. And as if she was not blessed enough with the gift of being able to write so amazingly, Sheye is also a *brilliant* child photographer... her photos capture such innocent moments and evoke such wonderful emotions... she's one of my idols of photography.

2. Donna Duncombe Designs - One of my first online digi-scrapping buddies, she's recently made a foray into designing and is designing some fantastic kits. She's a lovely person and can be a bit offbeat with her humour which I love. Love her to bits for her encouragement with my digiscrapping work!

3. Bao Comment - My SIL's blog... being away from Adelaide, I just enjoy catching up with what's going on in our hometown and in her life. She's just like a real sister to me... love her heaps. If you're into handbags, you have to check her blog out for some photos of some great bags!

4. Phoon's Flight - My SIL's partner's blog (could it get anymore complicated?!... :p) He's an all-round great guy and blogs about the charity work he does... He dresses up as a Star Wars sandtrooper (similar to the stormtrooper) and goes to functions to help and entertain disadvantaged and disabled kids... He also does fundraising... and walks for miles in his costume (which is not all that comfortable and can get pretty hot, but he's dedicated to the cause!) It's great reading about what he does and he has such a passion for it.

5. One Crafty Mumma - I love visiting this blog just for crafty inspiration... she does terrific creative stuff with her kids and she's a traditional paper scrapper... At the moment I'm just loving the felt food she's been making.. it's too cute! I wanna make some!

6. According to Our Family - Maria is an old friend of mine who only recently has made the foray into the blogging world. She tells such adorable anecdotes about her 2 little boys.

7. Bakerella - I have only recently discovered this blog, but man... everything looks *DIVINE* on this blog... just wonderful eye-candy and sooo droolworthy! I enjoy baking and I have a soft spot for cupcakes... so I hope one day to be able to make and decorate amazing cupcakes (Currently, I make average cupcakes and can't decorate to save myself!)... When I don't have a 20 month old who wants to eat all the cake batter, I'll think about actioning this plan...
Just a little toot here for me - my "Walk at the Park" LO (see previous post)made it onto the "Best of..." list at the Best of Digital Scrapbooking blog. First time anything like that has ever happened to me... but I guess I've had a lot of firsts lately, (first CT, first RAK...)... I'm really quite smiley today... :)

I've been RAK-ed!

I've been RAK-ed for the first time ever by the lovely Amy Sumrall! I got access to her new kit Summeroo before it was released at her new shop at Sunshine Studios. I have to say I was mightily chuffed to be RAK-ed by her, because I have actually been a fan of hers since the "So You Think You Can Design" competition at Scrap Orchard and only yesterday I was at her blog getting her part of the Mango Tango Mega Kit that is up for grabs at Sunshine Studios.

Anyway, I absolutely *adore* this kit... the colours are so pretty and I love the little doodly elements (I've always had a soft spot for hand doodled elements!) and I just couldn't wait to scrap with it because I had the perfect photos to go with that beautiful coral coloured paper. (It was a total fluke that both little B and I happened to be wearing matching coral coloured clothes the day these photos were taken!) So here's what I did tonight...

A Walk At The Park 2

Journalling Reads -
We went to the park one Saturday morning so that you could play at the playground and stretch your little legs. You had only been walking for about a month and were still a bit wobbly on your feet, so I still liked to hold your hand to help you keep your balance. But you were “little miss independent” that day and were quite adamant in not wanting to hold my hand. How it makes me smile on the inside seeing you assert your independence and watching you develop this little personality which is full of confidence in yourself. Never lose that faith in yourself and your abilities.
Love always,
Mummy xxx
1st March 2008

Thought Bubble Reads -
"No Mum, I will not hold your hand!"

Credits -
Kit - Summeroo - Amy Sumrall @ Sunshine Studios
Font - Christy, Pea Shelley Thin

Anyway - just wanted to shout a big *THANK YOU* to Amy for the lovely RAK... You really are wonderful!

I am soooo excited!

Not exactly scrapbook related, but I just had to share. I have just signed up for an online workshop being held by Sheye Rosemeyer... For those not familiar, you can check out her blog here - http://sheyerosemeyer.blogspot.com. I have followed Sheye's blog for more than 6 months and she has inspired me through her beautiful photographs and her expressive words... I am sooo excited to have the opportunity to do this workshop... this is probably the closest I'm ever going to come to being able to do a photography course IRL as such and to be able to learn in a self-paced environment from someone that I consider to be one of my idols of child photography, just has me bursting with excitement. I know the workshops are a bit of $$$, but honestly I feel it will be money well spent... and also my DH has said it can be part of my 30th birthday present (in addition to my new fancy small red leather jill-e camera bag that is coming end of july )... (And my bday isn't 'til September!) Now, I just can't wait for October to get here! Bring it on!

Winter Down Under...

Well, it's winter down here in the southern hemisphere and Donna has just released the most beautiful winter kit called Winter Delights, which is not only perfect for winter themed photos, but is so incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways. This kit is just adorable... I just love how there is lots of pink (which just perfect for my little girl!)... I don't often think of pink when I think of winter, so I think this is a great deviation from the normal "winter-y" coloured themes of blue, white and silver!

Winter Delights - Donna Duncombe Designs

Here are a couple of LOs I've done with the kit -

Snug As A Bug

Credits -
Winter Delights - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Willing Race

Hiding in the Trees

Journalling Reads -
We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at New Farm Park when your Ong Ba Noi came to visit. You had so much fun - chasing balls, running around in the playground and hiding amongst the trees. You were full of energy and you wore us out as we tried to follow and keep up with you. We discovered just how old and unfit we were as we watched you bound around with your endless exuberance.

Credits -
Winter Delights - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Kate, Depressionist Three

My regular blog readers may also have noticed that I have given my blog a bit of a facelift... :) I've spent a couple of hours over the last couple of days tweaking a blog template to make it look the way I wanted it to and I'm now happy with how it has all turned out ... I also love my new blog header... I think it reflects the "girly girl" in me more than my old one...

Buzzing buzzing buzzing...

Well I've been a busy little bee the last few days... I've had sooo much fun creating these little quick pages using Donna's A Mother's Love. Here's a little preview -


These QPs are only available to Club Nut subscribers. It only costs $5.50 a month and not only do you get these QPs, but a heap of other goodies too. So run on over to Nuts4Digi and sign up!

Proudly Creating for Donna Duncombe Designs...

In addition to being on the Nuts4Digi CT, I am proud to announce that I am also an exclusive (and when I say exclusive, I mean I am the only one... LOL!) CT member for Donna Duncombe Designs! I am very excited to be working with Donna... :)

I've been wanting to announce this for a week (you may have noticed I started sporting a new blinkie in my sidebar there... ), but thought I would wait until I had something to show off before I did. So here we are - 2 LOs I've done using A Mother's Love available at Nuts4Digi. This is such a pretty and sweet kit... It has such a great range of solid and patterned papers and I love the colours in it and there are so many cool elements in it too...

Journalling Reads -
It wasn’t all that long ago that you were only crawling and here you are a couple of months later toddling around the park. You amaze me each day with how much you are growing up. I look forward to seeing what new and wonderous things tomorrow brings.
Love always, Mummy xxx

Credits -
A Mother's Love - Donna Duncombe Designs
Font - Pea Amy

Journalling Reads -
Motherhood is a time when days blur from one day to next. Where one moment you are cradling a tiny little infant and the next they are running around in the park...

Motherhood is a journey of sleepless nights and worrying, with doses of happiness and giggles thrown in along the way...

Motherhood is an all encompassing emotion where your entire being is filled with a love so pure it is beyond words...

Motherhood has changed my life... my world... my heart...

Credits -
A Mother's Love - Donna Duncombe Designs
Font - Impervious
Not that it's not fun when I'm scrapping, but I've been doing a quite a few CT related things lately, so last night I grabbed 10 mins and scrapped for the pure joy of it...

Credits -
Sweet Nothings - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Font - Last Words

I love this Sweet Nothings kit (I've had my eye on it for a while and it was on sale over the weekend)... It's just so pretty and girly and soft and sweet...

Oh I love this coat!

I'm on a roll today... I've been dying to scrap this photo... this coat is one my favourite items of clothing that I have bought for Beth... (half the fun of having a girl, is being able to dress them up and there are *sooo* many adorable outfits out there for kids these days)...

Journalling Reads –
The moment I saw this outfit, I fell in love with it. If there had been an adult-sized version, I would have bought it for myself. But then again, it probably wouldn’t have looked as cute on me as it does on you. I spent 2 days umm-ing and aah-ing about buying this... I didn’t know what size to get you so that it would fit you during the winter - I didn’t even know whether it got cold enough in Brisbane to warrant buying you a coat! And then, I didn’t know when you would even get the chance to wear it, as we didn’t have any special occasions to attend where you could show it off.

But in the end I bought it because it was too cute to resist... and even if we had nowhere fancy to go, I had visions in my head of taking you to the park and letting you frolic around and play in your adorable little outfit.

So one overcast winter’s day, with nothing much to do, we got dressed up and headed out to the park, to have some fun and look cute at the same time.

Credits -
Blossom - Kylie M Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Alisha, Incognitype

Hello July!

Well, here we are at the beginning of another month... and this month I get to work with the fabulous Kylie M Designs at Nuts4Digi.

I've gotten off to a flying start... downloaded Kylie's Blossom kit this morning and have completed my first layout already a couple of hours later... hehe... I'm actually trying to be organised, because I sense July is going to be a bit of a busy month... my in-laws are visiting next week, so not sure how much scrapping I'll get done in the next week or so... :)

Credits -
Blossom - Kylie M Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Jailbird Jenna, Kim Erwin Script

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