Reviving the blog...

Okay... so my bad... I've been neglecting this blog terribly... too much stuff going on... I'm very good at updating my personal blog, but this one kinda ends up suffering as a result... But I'm going to attempt to rectify this... as of now... :)
(Apologies if you've read some of this news on my personal blog already, when I blurred the lines between personal and scrapping 'cos I was too lazy to get this blog up and moving again...)

Firstly... some brand new sparkling news from me... I'm now on the CT for NinaScraps @ Oscraps! Woooohoooo! She had a call a couple of weeks ago and I only found out on Monday night... I'm so totally stoked to be joining an international team of amazing, inspirational scrappers and working with the unique and brilliant designs that Nina creates!

My first two LOs for Nina are using her latest kit Nick's World:

Secondly... I'll give myself another toot, because I was pretty chuffed with myself about this achievement... I won 2nd place in a challenge run over at Digital-Crea... there was something like 70 entries and some brilliant entries, so I was really surprised! I created the LO using what seems to be the latest trend in the digiworld of using realistic elements. I've not done a lot of scrapping in that style (maybe 3 LOs ever, including that one!), but I've always admired it... so I challenged myself and I am so glad I did. I won a 20 euro voucher to the store, and I bought up big... 7 kits I think... I can't wait to get scrapping. And honestly, I really think Digital-Crea have some of the best designers in the business when it comes to the realistic element type kits... I wish I knew some French so I could lurk around in their forum!

So this was the LO that got second place -

And just a couple of the kits I bought -

Lastly, but certainly by no means least... I'm gonna toot for my buddy Donna of Donna Duncombe Designs, who I love and still CT for (Sorry for being so slack and not posting my stuff on the blog so far this year Donna... I'll make it up to you!!!). She's selling at Nuts4Digi, but has also recently started selling at ScrapBird too... Her latest release is Blessed Be:

And here's a LO I've created with it:

This month, Donna was also my assigned designer for my N4D CT commitments, so I had a play around with her cute little Shine kit... I love the sparkle in this kit -

And here ends what is probably the most mammoth post from me ever! Thanks for dropping by and seeing what I've been up to... I'll be trying to keep this more up to date from now on so I don't get left behind!

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