Oh I love this coat!

I'm on a roll today... I've been dying to scrap this photo... this coat is one my favourite items of clothing that I have bought for Beth... (half the fun of having a girl, is being able to dress them up and there are *sooo* many adorable outfits out there for kids these days)...

Journalling Reads –
The moment I saw this outfit, I fell in love with it. If there had been an adult-sized version, I would have bought it for myself. But then again, it probably wouldn’t have looked as cute on me as it does on you. I spent 2 days umm-ing and aah-ing about buying this... I didn’t know what size to get you so that it would fit you during the winter - I didn’t even know whether it got cold enough in Brisbane to warrant buying you a coat! And then, I didn’t know when you would even get the chance to wear it, as we didn’t have any special occasions to attend where you could show it off.

But in the end I bought it because it was too cute to resist... and even if we had nowhere fancy to go, I had visions in my head of taking you to the park and letting you frolic around and play in your adorable little outfit.

So one overcast winter’s day, with nothing much to do, we got dressed up and headed out to the park, to have some fun and look cute at the same time.

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    Marvelous BLOG...
    So much better than mine... I have to do @ the library @ the moment so can't download much....
    Sweet sweet pics there are pics of our family on my second BLOG...
    and remember HIS name is also LOVE...


    Oh Clara, this is adorable!! I saw it in the gallery just before also. Off to leave you some love now :o)


    your blog is awesome. Its a great job. All your posts are nice, Thank you.




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