Proudly Creating for Donna Duncombe Designs...

In addition to being on the Nuts4Digi CT, I am proud to announce that I am also an exclusive (and when I say exclusive, I mean I am the only one... LOL!) CT member for Donna Duncombe Designs! I am very excited to be working with Donna... :)

I've been wanting to announce this for a week (you may have noticed I started sporting a new blinkie in my sidebar there... ), but thought I would wait until I had something to show off before I did. So here we are - 2 LOs I've done using A Mother's Love available at Nuts4Digi. This is such a pretty and sweet kit... It has such a great range of solid and patterned papers and I love the colours in it and there are so many cool elements in it too...

Journalling Reads -
It wasn’t all that long ago that you were only crawling and here you are a couple of months later toddling around the park. You amaze me each day with how much you are growing up. I look forward to seeing what new and wonderous things tomorrow brings.
Love always, Mummy xxx

Credits -
A Mother's Love - Donna Duncombe Designs
Font - Pea Amy

Journalling Reads -
Motherhood is a time when days blur from one day to next. Where one moment you are cradling a tiny little infant and the next they are running around in the park...

Motherhood is a journey of sleepless nights and worrying, with doses of happiness and giggles thrown in along the way...

Motherhood is an all encompassing emotion where your entire being is filled with a love so pure it is beyond words...

Motherhood has changed my life... my world... my heart...

Credits -
A Mother's Love - Donna Duncombe Designs
Font - Impervious


    On July 7, 2008 at 2:03 PM Anonymous said...

    Congratulations!Have lots of fun, Nathalie


    Splendid layouts, with a great kit... and beautiful journaling, thanks for quoting it


    Those layouts are too cute! I really like all the journaling you did on each one.


    Wonderful layouts and journaling!


    congratulations! your layouts are gorrgeous!

    On July 8, 2008 at 12:37 AM Anonymous said...

    Congrats on the solo CT gig! The layouts are lovely, Clara.


    Thats great news about the solo gig!


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