No longer procrastinating...

However, sometimes in the midst of the madness of packing and cleaning, you just need a little timeout... and this is what I did in one of my timeouts ... ;)


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You may have been scared of swings for the longest time, but you have no fear when it comes to walking along wobbly, suspension bridges... You confidently walk back and forth along these bridges (with a little help from Ong Noi) and really enjoy it.

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I only have a couple more weeks, before we move house... I can't wait for that bit to be over... I may go AWOL a fair bit this month because of all the packing and also on waiting for my internet access at the new house to be connected (we're going "naked" and they have said it will be 2-4 weeks... I'm hoping it will be more on the 2 week side of things! I don't do well without internet!) I will definitely be trying to take lots of photos though this month, because it's my birthday next Tuesday and I get to finally use my brand new red jill-e camera bag.


Isn't it beaauuuuutiful?! It arrived at the beginning of August and I have been oogling it for the last month (I haven't been allowed to use it... LOL)... so can't wait to load it up and take it out and have a good photoshoot...


    Clara, what a fabulous the angle of the pic , which suits the LO so well! Terrific job mate!


    Happy Birthday Clara!!! Awesome camera bag and I LOVE looking at your LOs of beautiful miss B. Cheerio Donna


    Happy Birthday lovely lady..hope the packing is going well!


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