First LO with an extraction...

So I have seen some simply amazing LOs over at DST with extractions and I have been wanting to try and emulate some of these amazing designs myself... I've tried extractions a couple of times, but the results have always been really lame... I always have a lot of trouble extracting little B's hair, because it is so fine and sticks up everywhere! I think generally I'm too impatient for the whole extraction genre, because I like to scrap pretty quickly and finish a LO in a night or at most 2 nights... However, I decided to slow down for a moment and give it a proper go. Armed with the magic wand and some pain-staking handiwork using an eraser, I finally did an extraction that I was happy with came up with this LO. Although it's quite simple, it went through quite a lot of iterations to get to this point and I think this is possibly the longest I've ever spent on a LO. It's so completely different to any LO I've done and I finally got to use some of Jofia's stuff (I oogle her stuff a lot and I bought 3 things from her, but never know what to do with it because it's so different to my regular style). I am totally chuffed about this LO... I love how it turned out...

Buttery Toast Angel

Journalling Reads -
One summer morning, you found yourself the perfect
spot to enjoy some breakfast. You sat there so intently, licking the butter off your toast and enjoying yourself so very much.

And all I could think whilst you sat there was how you looked like a perfect angel as you sat there, bathed in that golden glow of morning light...

Credits -
Background Paper, Light Burst - Beautiful Day - Jofia Designs
Clouds - Diamond Rain - Jofia Designs
Wings - Once Upon A Time - Caroline B. @ Nuts4Digi
Sparkle - Breath of Fresh Air - Weeds & Wildflowers
Font - Freebooter Script, Snowshoe


    Oh wow! That is a totally AWESOME layout Clara!!! Brilliant infact!


    SO GORGEOUS!! You've done a fantastic job of the extraction :D


    Wow that is absolutely gorgeous! :) . I'm just reading this blog for the first time and I think that your layouts are terrific. You are very talented :)


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