Featured on the TADA girls blog!

I am totally stoked at being featured on the Tracy Ann Digital Art girls blog with my "You Bring My Heart Joy" LO today... I have been a fan of Tracy Ann's for a looong time and she is really quite a wonderful designer in considering her customers... at the moment she has reduced her prices by 30% because the Australian dollar is so weak against the US dollar and she wants her customers to still be able to access her designs.

Check out the TADA girls blog to see my LO!

Btw - sorry for the lack of LOs lately... I've only done a couple of late... I've been rather distracted by the Evolve photography workshop I'm doing with Sheye Rosemeyer which is running for 6 weeks... one and a half weeks is down, only four and half weeks to go... I'm having a ball and learning so much... so scrapping has kind of been put on the back burner for for the moment while I soak in all this amazing photography knowledge, so that I can take brilliant photos (well, I can only hope!) and then scrap them! :)

Btw - be sure you drop by my blog on Saturday November 1st... it's Digital Scrapbooking Day and there might be something nice here on my blog for you all... :)

I'm Layout of the Week!

Wowsers... I've been honoured with a "Layout of the Week" award over at Nuts4Digi for my "A Golden Moment" LO... This has totally made my day - I'm feeling very special.. :)

Check me out here.
Well, I have a backlog of LOs to share... so I better start posting them

First of the rank - possibly one of my favourite layered LOs to date using Cuppycake's Fanciful kit.

Why Are You Always Taking Photos of Me

Credits -
Fanciful - Cuppycake Digital Designs @ Scrap Orchard
Font – Poor Richard

Cuppycake also has a fantastic new kit out called Jenna's Garden and here's my LO using this bright and adorable kit.


Credits -
Jenna's Garden
Font - VTPortableRemington

At Nuts4Digi, I got to work with Fiona Renwick Designs this month - here's what I did with her Dianne kit.

My Girl

Credits -
Dianne - Fiona Renwick Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font – My Own Topher

A Golden Moment

Journalling Reads –
Basking in the afternoon glow you sat in the grass, deep in thought.
This was a golden moment.

Credits -
Dianne - Fiona Renwick Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - High Tower Text, Typical Writer, Teletype, Adobe Caslon Pro

And last but not least - here are a whole heap of LOs I did waaaaay back in August for Donna... I didn't want to post until N4D came back online... these LOs are all using Donna's fun Cuteness kit!


Journalling Reads -
We spent a silly afternoon playing and giggling on the bed.You thought trying to touch the big lens on Mummy’s camera was a hilarious game!

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - You All Everybody, Pea Walker

An Artist At Work

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Curled Border Template & Action Set - Marcie Reckinger & Traci Murphy
Font - Pea Lacy, Pea Sue's Print

Cute Is My Middle Name

Journalling Reads -
Kicking your feet and watching them is an amusing pasttime...

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font – Pea Walker

Release Your Creativity

Journalling Reads –
Look at that serious face of concentration…

Credits -
Cuteness - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - 28 Days Later, Estrya's Handwriting

And this LO, is just one I did for me -


Credits -
Word Art - Sugarplum Paperie - Word Art Frames
Beauty Within - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Details 3 - Tracy Ann Digital Art
Stamp Frame with Overlay - Everyday Princess - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi

First LO with an extraction...

So I have seen some simply amazing LOs over at DST with extractions and I have been wanting to try and emulate some of these amazing designs myself... I've tried extractions a couple of times, but the results have always been really lame... I always have a lot of trouble extracting little B's hair, because it is so fine and sticks up everywhere! I think generally I'm too impatient for the whole extraction genre, because I like to scrap pretty quickly and finish a LO in a night or at most 2 nights... However, I decided to slow down for a moment and give it a proper go. Armed with the magic wand and some pain-staking handiwork using an eraser, I finally did an extraction that I was happy with came up with this LO. Although it's quite simple, it went through quite a lot of iterations to get to this point and I think this is possibly the longest I've ever spent on a LO. It's so completely different to any LO I've done and I finally got to use some of Jofia's stuff (I oogle her stuff a lot and I bought 3 things from her, but never know what to do with it because it's so different to my regular style). I am totally chuffed about this LO... I love how it turned out...

Buttery Toast Angel

Journalling Reads -
One summer morning, you found yourself the perfect
spot to enjoy some breakfast. You sat there so intently, licking the butter off your toast and enjoying yourself so very much.

And all I could think whilst you sat there was how you looked like a perfect angel as you sat there, bathed in that golden glow of morning light...

Credits -
Background Paper, Light Burst - Beautiful Day - Jofia Designs
Clouds - Diamond Rain - Jofia Designs
Wings - Once Upon A Time - Caroline B. @ Nuts4Digi
Sparkle - Breath of Fresh Air - Weeds & Wildflowers
Font - Freebooter Script, Snowshoe

More layouts...

Here's one of my latest LOs using one of my all time favourite photos of little B and Donna's uber cute Everyday Princess kit...


Credits –
Everyday Princess - Donna Duncombe Designs @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Mandy, Pea Sara

And here's 2 LOs I've created using Digi Illusion's gorgeous Butterflies are Free kit -

I Believe I Can Fly

Butterflies Are Free - Digi Illusions @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Mystie Caps, Pea Olson

Nature Lover

Butterflies Are Free - Digi Illusions @ Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Mandy, Pea Nancy

Layouts for 2008