My goodness...

Has it already been almost a month since I last posted here? Wowsers! All I can say is it has been *really* hectic around here for the last few weeks... and it's almost about to return to a normal pace... hopefully in the next week or so!

I've been trying to catchup on things in digi-land when I've been taking breaks from unpacking... I'm not there yet, but I'm on the way... So much has happened in the span of a few short weeks...

First up, Donna has opened up her new store over at The Hybrid Shoppe. She's doing great things with her latest digi kits and is now also creating hybrid stuff, such as this ultra cute ATC album -

She also revamped her Adore kit and the first LO I've done in about a month is using this kit -

You Make Me Smile

Journalling Reads -
You just love playing with stickers... and you thought putting them all over my face was the best fun you’d had in ages... And as silly as it was, I just loved having you “decorate” me!

Credits -
Adore - Donna Duncombe Designs available at The Hybrid Shoppe & Nuts4Digi
Font - Pea Lacy

Secondly (but not by any means any less exciting) Rachel of Cuppycake Digital Designs announced while I was away that she is now and exclusive designer for Scrap Orchard! Woo hoo! Congratulations Rach! This is such exciting, knock-your-socks-off great news! She's released a whole bunch of stuff at her new store, one of which is her new sparkling, gorgeous Fanciful kit -

And here's what I've whipped up tonight with it -


Journalling Reads -
My poor sick girl... you were so tired you fell asleep at 6pm while I was holding you.... I didn’t have the heart to wake you... you had been so sick and miserable all day, so I just let you have a little nap on the floor of the lounge room... You are beautiful .... even when you’re sick...

Credits -
Fanciful - Cuppycake Digital Designs @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Pea Mandy

Thirdly, Nuts4Digiis back up! After a month of problems due to a server migration gone a bit awry... Nuts4Digi is back in business... so pop over and check out the great Back to Business Competition going on!


Now hasn't that been one mega huge post from me! Off to lala land for me... but I'll be back soon to share more stuff!

Busy busy...

Well, this here could be my only layout for September! Heading into the home stretch of packing before we move house in exactly a week and then will be without internet for a couple of weeks and visiting family back home... and by the time I get back it'll be the end of September... so I highly doubt I'm going to get anything done scrap-wise after tonight!

Cheekiest Smile

Credits -
Background Paper - Mountain Rain - Trish Jones Designs
Photo Overlay - Worn Photo Overlay 2 - Something Blue Studios
Circles - Cherry Fudge - Trish Jones Designs
Date Circle - Date Stamps - Trish Jones Designs
Textures - Texture Strips - Trish Jones Designs

This LO is totally different to my usual style... a lot grungier than I'm used to, but I kinda like how it turned out.

Btw... I hear there's a going to be a new store opening up soon... you better keep your eyes and ears open for the grand opening... I would say keep an eye on my blog for details, but since I'm about to go missing for a bit, maybe you should just go pop on over to mousey's blog and keep an eye on her blog for the latest breaking news on the subject... :)

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