No longer procrastinating...

However, sometimes in the midst of the madness of packing and cleaning, you just need a little timeout... and this is what I did in one of my timeouts ... ;)


Journalling Reads -
You may have been scared of swings for the longest time, but you have no fear when it comes to walking along wobbly, suspension bridges... You confidently walk back and forth along these bridges (with a little help from Ong Noi) and really enjoy it.

Credits -
Nocturnal - Cuppycake Digital Designs
Alpha - A Little Bit Country - The Seedlings @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Pea Walker

I only have a couple more weeks, before we move house... I can't wait for that bit to be over... I may go AWOL a fair bit this month because of all the packing and also on waiting for my internet access at the new house to be connected (we're going "naked" and they have said it will be 2-4 weeks... I'm hoping it will be more on the 2 week side of things! I don't do well without internet!) I will definitely be trying to take lots of photos though this month, because it's my birthday next Tuesday and I get to finally use my brand new red jill-e camera bag.


Isn't it beaauuuuutiful?! It arrived at the beginning of August and I have been oogling it for the last month (I haven't been allowed to use it... LOL)... so can't wait to load it up and take it out and have a good photoshoot...

Yeah, yeah... I'm still procrastinating...

Go tell me to do some packing... :p

But I bought this kit from Cat Scrap last week and have had it beckoning me to do something with it... so how could I resist?

Hide and Seek

Journalling Reads -
This is how we play hide-n-seek.
You always hide in the same
place behind the curtain and
you always leave your
little feet peeking out
from behind it to give
me a clue where you are!
You laugh and giggle so much
when I find you - it’s the
best game in the world!

Credits -
Birds In A Tree - Madame Mim
Font - Hey Gorgeous, Pea Kathy

I'm procrastinating...

I am moving house in 3 weeks and I should be packing and doing stuff for the move... but little B has come down with a cold and I've been tired from being up during the night with her... so instead of doing something productive, I did this...

You Light Up My Life

Credits -
Tree, Flowers - Astrid - Catscrap Collaboration
Background Paper - Promise Collection - Shabby Princess
Font - Respess Capitals

Another LO

I'm making up for lost time... so here's another one from me...


(Ong Ba Noi means "grandparents" in Vietnamese)

Journalling Reads -
Where has all the food gone?
Oh yeah, that's right, I ate it!

Credits –
Shabby SpiceEllie Lash Designs & Cuppycake Digital Designs @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Minya Nouvelle, Pea Walker
Rachel of Cuppycake Digital Designs and Ellie Lash have just released their brand new collaboration Shabby Spice over at Scrap Orchard. Gorgeous colours and a fabulous mix of elements, this kit is a lot of fun to play with! They have a deal going on at the moment where you can get 2 "Perfect Pairs" kits for 40% off! And the coordinating brag book is 20% off this week!



And here's what I've created with it -

All Smiles


Well Nuts4Digi is still out of action at the moment due to the server migration... taking longer than expected, but these big migrations always seems to have hiccups.... so it's been a week and I'm suffering withdrawals! Lucky I still have the EB Scrap forum to hang out in...

Anyway, I'm churning out the LOs at the moment... but I'll be having a break over the weekend when my SIL and her partner drop by for a 5 day visit on the way back from their holiday in Hong Kong. I am so looking forward to seeing them and hanging out and showing them around Brisbane... I really miss having my SIL around.

So to show my latest LOs -

This first one is done with the latest Seedlings collaboration, if you're quick you can still get it on sale for 20% off...


Journalling Reads -
Even before you could walk, you were very good at pulling yourself up onto the furniture and climbing the couch.. As you can see, here I’ve caught you in the act of scaling the back of the couch like it’s some kind of rock-climbing wall and playing with the curtains behind it. You pretended that you were all innocent when I busted you doing this... You are such a monkey...

Credits -
A Little Bit Country - The Seedlings @ Scrap Orchard
Font - Pea Amy

And this second LO is done with one of Cuppycake Digital Designs kits - it's a full kit packed with elements, alphas and papers, but all for the bargain price of a mini kit of $2.50! This is such a serene kit... it's just beautiful.

Sweet Little Fairy

Journalling/Title reads -
Once upon a time there was a sweet little fairy and she made all my wishes come true...

Credits –
Fairy FreshCuppycake Digital Designs
Font - urania_cz
I feel like I've really struck a scrapping groove of late... Last month was very productive for me (I think I did something like 16 LOs which is almost as many as I have done in total over the previous 5 months!) It's really helped my creativity being part of the Nuts4Digi CT and being Donna's solo CT, and I've really enjoyed the CT side of things. Anyway, I was surprised when Rachel of Cuppycake Digital Designs (who is another one my EB digi-scrapping buddies) asked me to informally CT for her... So I'm delighted to announce that I'm now also creating for Cuppycake Digital Designs... Rachel is a new and upcoming-designer and is part of the Seedlings collaborative over at Scrap Orchard and she's doing great things!

So I here's a LO I've done with one the Seedlings kits, totally love, love, love this kit... so perfectly pink and girly and ideal for scrapping photos of my little one...

You Are The Reason

Journalling Reads -
You are the reason why life is full of a little more happiness, a little more laughter and a lot more love...

Credits -
Sweet Child O' Mine - The Seedlings @ Scrap Orchard

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