Yes, I know I've been MIA again...

But I actually have a "proper" excuse... we only just came back from our wonderful 2 week family holiday in San Diego about a week and half ago... We spent a whole week recovering from jetlag (it was bad I tell you! The trip back was quite tiring!)... so there really has been not that much scrapping happening in my world for the last month.

I've only really just started catching up on stuff this week... So here's the rundown on what's going on in my bit of the scrapping world -

Firstly... a toot for me... I made GSO today! Woot woot! Second time I've made GSO in 2 months... I'm really quite honored as I'm mixed in there with some really amazing inspirational LOs from some other fabulous scrappers. So here's the LO -

Be The Artist You Are

Credits -
Modern Art - Oscrap Collaboration
clip.your.pic - NinaScraps

Next, can you believe it's June already? Well, I created a June Desktop using Donna's "Blessed Be" kit... hop on over to her blog to download it (click on the image to be diverted over to Donna's blog) -

Next off the rank, Nina's got some totally scrumptious new stuff out at the moment -
Blanchatre, clip.your.pic, touch of color 1 & touch of color 1... check out her store
here to see the details, but here are 2 LO's I've created using this fabulous stuff -



Oh and if you haven't seen it already, you should check out Nina's new blog which us Rockin' Girls are helping her out with... her old blog got hacked by some nasty people with nothing better to do with their time... (seriously... who hacks a blog?!)
Anyway, here's the link to the new blog... there's a great challenge using a gorgeous template freebie going on there... you might be able to scrape in for the challenge... otherwise, the template is gorgeous to actually use.

Lastly, it's with some regret that I'm announcing that I've resigned from the Nuts4Digi creative team this month... I've had a ball CTing with them for the last year... I've learnt a lot, been to my first ever cyber crops/chats with them, made some great friends... I just feel it's time for me to move on and take my scrapping in a different direction ... I'll always have a special spot in my heart for these wonderful, special ladies and the first place I called "home" in the digiworld.


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