I Fell Off The 'Project 365' Bandwagon...

Project 365 is the latest thing to have taken the scrapping world by storm. It's such a fantastic concept... taking a photo every day and putting together LOs with snippets of your everyday life.

So, I started, however despite good intentions I've already fallen off the 'Project 365' bandwagon ... (I think I got to something like Day 10 before I missed a day... pathetic huh?) So I'm trying to redeem myself with what I am dubbing 'Project Recap - Month By Month'... where I put together a collection of random photos to capture our month. It seems such a waste to not put these photos together into some kind of memory. I am seriously soooo envious of anyone who has started and is sticking with Project 365... ... Maybe I'll try again next year. Anyway, 'Project Recap' will just salvage what I can... and will probably, in all honesty, be a lot more achievable for me. I'm planning on doing at least 1, hopefully 2 or 3 double LOs to recap each month. Anybody else want to join me? Here's the first double LO I've done for this -

Project Recap - January 2009 - Page 1Project Recap - January 2009 - Page 2

And what it looks like together -
Project Recap - January 2009 - Page 1Project Recap - January 2009 - Page 2

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    I blog hopped from EB to your personal blog to here and I did so because your new layouts at EB just blew me away. Soooo damn gorgeous!!!!! Very very talented and Beth is absolutely gorgeous. Love your work!!



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